Information for Potential Vendors

The Lake Jackson Farmers Market promotes the availability and appreciation of locally produced quality food, producers, growers, and makers through hosting fun, family-friendly Market Days. We hope to provide a year-round experience that becomes a major attraction for locals and tourists alike. Our Market Days are planned with great intentionality - from recruiting unique vendors with great products to organizing live entertainment and family-friendly activities. A lot of time, effort, and dollars go into marketing and hosting the LJFM, and we aim to provide a great experience for our guests AND vendors.


Vendor types & ELIGIBILITY

  • Aside from limited Seasonal Vendors (November - January), all goods must be produced, processed, or grown within 400 miles of Lake Jackson, TX.

  • Farmers & Ranchers: Those who grow, raise, or produce agricultural products. Examples: meat, poultry, farm fresh eggs, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh herbs.

  • Artisan Food Producers: Those who prepare, produce, and package specialty food and beverage products usually by hand or traditional methods. Examples: herbs, coffee roasters, pickles and canned goods, fermented products, breads, pastries, pastas, salsa, pickles, cultural foods, etc.

  • Arts & Crafts: Anyone who creates and makes by hand a quality and unique product. All products will be produced by the person applying for the LJFM.

  • Seasonal Vendors: Vendors who are not hand crafting, or who are selling hand crafted items from outside the 400 mile radius, will be allowed from November to January given the availability of stall rentals. Resellers will be required to provide a 3-month commitment.

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Local nonprofit organizations are welcome to present for their cause without charge. One booth is available by reservation only. No politics, political parties, or politicians are accepted. Churches are welcome but limited on frequency of visit and scope of presentation.


Do I need A permit?

It is the vendor’s responsibility to know and obtain the permits needed to sell at LJFM from the City of Lake Jackson.

  • Do I need a temporary food establishment permit? A temporary food establishment permit is not required to sell whole, intact unprocessed fruits and vegetables and pre-packaged non-potentially hazardous food. A temporary food establishment permit is required to sell all other potentially hazardous food. You can download the City of Lake Jackson’s Temporary Food Service Establishment License application here.

    • What is a potentially hazardous food? Food that requires time and temperature control to limit pathogen growth or toxin production. (Includes yard eggs, meat, poultry, items that must be refrigerated, and other items.)

    • Examples of items requiring a Temporary Food Establishment permit: fresh or dried meat or meat products, including jerky; canned fruits, vegetables, vegetable butters, salsas, etc.; kolaches with meat; fish or shellfish products; canned pickled products such as corn relish and sauerkraut; raw seed sprouts; bakery goods which require any type of refrigeration, such as cream, custard or meringue pies and cakes or pastries with cream cheese icing or fillings; milk and dairy products including hard, soft and cottage cheeses and yogurt; fresh fruits dipped or coated in chocolate or similar confections; fresh vegetable juices made from fresh fruits or vegetables; ice or ice products; barbecue sauces and ketchups; focaccia-style breads with vegetables or cheeses; chocolate covered graham crackers; rice krispy treats; dried pasta; relishes; salsas; sorghum; lemonade; juices; hot chocolate or similar beverages.

  • May I provide samples? Yes. However, you must:

    • Distribute samples in a sanitary manner, have potable water available, wash any produce intended for sampling to remove visible dirt or contamination.

    • When preparing the samples, either wear clean, disposable plastic gloves or observe proper hand washing techniques immediately before preparation.

    • Maintain proper temperature for samples.

  • Where can I find more information?


Operating Guidelines

  • Each vendor should provide a 10 x 10 canopy and have 25lb weights on each of the four canopy legs. All weights must be fastened to the canopy and approved.

  • Each vendor should provide their own tables and chairs that are in good condition.

  • Vendors can sell the items listed under their vendor application. Additional items must be approved in advance.

  • Vendors will determine their own pricing and clearly advertise prices.

  • All vendors must set up in the designated space determined by LJFM.

  • Vendors agree to be honest about their products, growing practices, and/or procedures.

  • Electricity availability is limited and requires an additional fee.

  • Vendors must be fully set-up and operational before 9:00am.

  • Vendors must give a 24-hour notice in the event they will be unable to attend the market on a given Saturday.

  • If a vendor misses 2 consecutive markets, another like vendor may be approved to sell at the market.

  • Market is rain or shine. Canceling or closing the market is the sole discretion of LJFM. No refunds will be given due to weather.

  • Vendors will be respectful to attendees, other vendors, and LJFM staff at all times.

  • Holiday closings will be posted on the website.

  • Vendors must bring their own means to process payments. Additional change cannot be made by LJFM.

  • All vehicles must be removed from vendor area by 8:30am.

Application Process

Space is limited within product categories and overall (we want to set everyone up for success!). Preference is given first to farmers and ranchers, then products made with local farm products, unique and unusual products, and prepared foods. We encourage everyone to fill out an application as we are always looking for unique additions to the market. Response times to submitted applications vary, but a response is usually provided in 7-10 days.

LJFM is open once per month, and may host additional seasonal markets and events.

Farmer & rancher fees:


  • Single Month: $100 // $120 with electricity

  • 12-Month Commitment: $75/month // $95/month with electricity

  • Note: Access to electricity is limited